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By Chris Eger

California Democrat Eric Swalwell wants to add new regulations to buying, selling and possessing guns and ammo in the country at almost every level. (Photo: Chris Eger/
Democratic Presidential candidate Eric Swalwell on Tuesday announced his sweeping new firearm regulation platform to the acclaim of national gun control advocates.
Swalwell, a former prosecutor who has represented the San Francisco area in Congress since 2013, is one of more than two dozen officially announced candidates scrapping for the Democratic nomination to the White House next year. This week, in front of the headquarters of the National Rifle Association in Virginia, he debuted his “National Framework to End Gun Violence” to a small crowd.
“I will fight like hell to give people a reason to live, foster a culture of hope in every neighborhood, regulate firearms and ammunition to protect communities and police officers, and ban semiautomatic assault weapons,” said Swalwell, who last year wrote an op-ed for USA Today advocating a return to the federal assault weapons ban followed up by strong enforcement actions to go after those not in compliance.
Would-be President Swalwell’s new 3,100-word plan is wide in scope, proposing not only a “ban-and-buy-back” on many types of semi-automatic firearms but also adding


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