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By Tactical-Life

The following is a release from Senior Airman Meagan Schutter, 1st Special Operations Wing Public Affairs:

After an explosion, when the smoke settles and the blaze has been contained, a new mission begins. Like a puzzle, shrapnel blasted in every direction can be pieced together to uncover the mode of detonation. Explosive ordnance disposal Airmen assigned to the 1st Special Operations Civil Engineer Squadron are trained to do just that.

The EOD team at Hurlburt Field recently conducted post-blast analysis training, a form of analysis that takes place after an improvised explosive device has detonated.

“Most people just see an explosion and think that’s it, but it doesn’t end there,” said Staff Sgt. Thomas Johnson, an EOD journeyman with the squadron. “It really starts there, and it’s the work that begins after the explosion that reveals everything about the scenario.

“The goal is to reconstruct what happened, not only to find out what the device was, but how it was planted, why, who and under what circumstances,” Johnson continued. “What was their target?”

The desired result when looking at the IED and the site surrounding it is to recreate the scenario, as …Read the Rest

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