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By Gregory Smith


Black Aces Tactical isn’t a household name. Yet. They don’t have the longevity of Colt or the pedigree of Browning, but we think the Black Aces brand will grow because these guys are building guns that no one else even dares to develop. The best example is their redesign of the classic the pump shotgun, the DTR. With their billet receivers, removable magazines, and pistol grip stocks and Quad Rail System, these shotguns are the Ferraris of pump action guns.
Black Aces has also brought to market a gun that seems to defy law and logic. The Pro Series 5 DTR is an 8.5” barreled Pistol grip “Firearm” that does not fall under NFA restriction. Utilizing a (fixed or side folding) SB15 Arm Brace, the DTR falls in to the murky category know as PGO (pistol grip only). All you need to know is this gun is legal for you to own with no NFA strings attached. And if that weren’t enough, the DTR is beyond bad ass.

Short 8.5” barrel
Pro Series 5 mag fed receiver
Quad Rail System
ATI talon stock with pistol tube adapter (side folder optional)
Sig SB15 Arm Brace
Billet …read more

Source:: Selling the Second Amendment

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