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By gunwriter Everyone has a little cowboy in ’em. That’s what I told a tie-wearing executive from Marlin a few years back while he speculated on the continued popularity of lever-guns when everyone wanted an AR 15. From the time we hatch it’s the cowboy that captures our imagination. Cowboys are like super heroes who are real. Nothing encapsulates the American spirit like the cowboy. It’s that gun-slinging, hat-wearing, tougher than leather persona that stirs something deep inside us. If you’re a hunter, Africa should stir something inside you too. Our American west is still wild and rugged but it’s not as hard and wild as places in Africa like Mozambique. When I began planning my buffalo hunt in Mozambique I asked Craig Boddington for advice and he said, “I’m not at all sure you can hurt a buffalo, but I’m very sure you can kill him. You must be absolutely certain of your shot!” When the time came the shot was there and I thought my aim was true. I was certain. I was wrong. It was a mistake I’ll never forget. After the rifle roared the buff stumbled, wheeled, and ran off with the rest of the herd. We soon …Read the Rest

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