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Rimfire plinking with reactive targets is FUN and affordable. We always like to include REACTIVE TARGETS during a trip to the range with our .22s. Decent .22 LR rimfire ammo is not expensive, and a wide variety of affordable steel targets are available. Rimfire-class steel is much less costly than the heavy AR500 steel plates used for centerfire rounds. In fact, Birchwood Casey makes a wide variety of reactive steel rimfire targets that retail for under $50.00. These offer great “Bang for the Buck”.
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A fast-cycling, semi-auto .22 LR rifle like the Savage A22 is great for shooting reactive targets.

GunsAmerica Digest has reviewed a variety of reactive rimfire target systems from Birchwood Casey. We recommend you read this detailed article Little Targets, Big Fun, by Jordan Michaels. He acquired four different steel target systems and tested them at his Texas range. Michales was impressed: “At $30-$55 a pop, Birchwood-Casey’s targets are small enough to be challenging and cheap enough to buy four or five for the price of one centerfire-rated target. They’re also light, portable, reactive, and easy to set up.”

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B/C Back Drop
B/C Qualifier Spinner
B/C King of Diamonds

Check out how these Birchwood Casey

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