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By Ben Brown

The process to be a “suppressor owner” is a labor of love. We hand over our hard earned money and then we wait. When we finally get our cans we want them to last and we want the ability to put them on as many of our guns as possible thus getting more use out of them. At Suppressed Fest I had the opportunity to talk with Energetic Arms who quite possibly produces the toughest suppressor on the market, the Vox. The Vox is a result of when nerds play with guns too. If you could only own one silencer this might possibly be the one.
What makes the Vox unique?
The core of the suppressor is CNC welded from C300 Maraging nickel-cobalt superalloy. Huh? That was at least my immediate thought. Basically this alloy was developed by NASA to use on the space shuttle to meet high-temp stress requirements. It has an incredible strength to weight ratio. Even at 1,000 degrees this alloy is stronger than stainless and titanium at room temp.
There are some real horror stories about folks that have had to send their suppressors back to the manufacturer for repair. Since the ATF strictly regulates the components of suppressors


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