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By Ammoland

iStock crazy woman Liberal Left Angry

by Alan J Chwick & Joanne D Eisen

End Of Rational Dialogue: Exposing The Lies : Gun Studies

USA – -( Our problem is that change can be difficult. One doesn’t know what to expect, how to act, how to succeed, or what to teach your child, so they will be prepared for surprises.

We are now at that point. The trust required for rational, civil discourse has been broken. Discourse has been changed to epithet filled threats.
The attempt to steal our nation by stealth has, hopefully, failed, or is in the process of failing. We still are not certain of success. But the fact remains that there was an attempt to steal the nation from us all.

It would be foolish to return to old habits of friendship, good manners, and trust with our political adversaries, as they are NOT ready for that.

At this point, THEY have replaced those basic, civil behaviors with lying, theft, and insane behaviors. Just listen to US Representative Maxine Waters, et al.

We cannot permit the weakening of the Second Amendment because even though the enemy can never get our guns, our status would be switched from the guardians of freedom and liberty to mere selfish …Read the Rest

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