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By Micah Rate

The number of stories where young children obtain their parents’ firearm and cause severe harm to themselves or others, whether on purpose or by accident, is far too many.

Bearing Arms has covered kids accidentally shooting themselves, kids shooting their siblings, and kids stealing firearms from their parents to commit mass shootings at their schools. We’ve also reported on how gun owners, and even police officers, have failed to practice proper gun safety in their homes or in public, or have left their firearms in unlocked cars, making themselves easy targets for robbers.

Now, a new campaign is underway to encourage parents to properly store their firearms to prevent children from finding the weapons and causing a potential tragedy.

The “End Family Fire” campaign released a powerful ad that encourages parents to know where their firearms are at all times and to ensure that it is out of the reach of children, whether they are present in the home or not.

Though the Brady Center to Combat Gun Violence, a group known for its support for gun control, is backing the campaign, the campaign itself does not appear to push a legislative agenda in its ad or on its official website, which should come …Read the Rest

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