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By gunwriter My first claim to fame – if you want to call it that – was working as the compiling author of the book, Rifle Bullets for the Hunter. It was without question the definitive source for hunting bullet information and, I got to work with some very respected gun writers: Boddington, Barsness, Campbell, Havilland, Spomer and, yes, even Bryce Towsley. Unfortunately, that book was rushed to press by the publisher without a final edit. Even though it was well received – with errors and all – it is now out of print. The reason I mention this is because that book was the ultimate continuation of my obsession with bullets and it led to my first visit to Nosler. While there, I learned even more about some of the best hunting bullets in the world. I’ve continued the in-depth investigation into terminal bullet performance throughout my gun writing career. I’ve mixed ordnance gelatin until I’m sick of it and I’ve conducted so many autopsies of animals I feel more like a medical examiner than a hunter. For all those reasons I’m proud to announce that Nosler is now a sponsor of Empty Cases. Nosler is a company built on …read more

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