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By James England

SHORELINE, WASHINGTON — A family that trains together, fights together. This is the take-away lesson after a homeowner was forced to open fire on an intruder who was smashing his windows and attempting to advance towards him. His two daughters and his wife were able to scramble and take up defensive positions in the bathroom while their father headed off the bad guy at the pass. His eldest daughter called 911. The police arrived just in time to recover the bad guy who was allegedly someone living in the same neighborhood as the family.

The father had been adamant, according to KOMO News, about getting his family prepared to deal with real-life emergencies. Who knew it would pay off so well?

That’s what happens when you train to work together. We have absolutely no idea what situations we’ll be faced with as a family, but it pays to have a plan and to practice that plan.

This is a household that takes each other’s lives seriously.

The bad guy, in this case, was screaming profanity and throwing the family’s lawn furniture through the front window and smashing glass. When he attempted to advance towards the father, the father discharged two rounds — …Read the Rest

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