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By GDC Staff

An Israel Defense Forces soldier lighting a candle on a menorah during Hanukkah. (Photo: IDF/Flickr)
Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, kicked off on Sunday night for many with the traditional lighting of the menorah. For eight days and nights, people of the Jewish faith across the country and around the world will observe this annual tradition by exchanging gifts and eating delicious, deep-fried foods.
It seems to us that Jews and guns are a match made in heaven. Rich in tradition, the Jewish people have historically given the world some of its finest craftsmen and engineers. With a history of extreme persecution combined with a backed-into-a-corner, surrounded-by-hostiles kind of existence has molded the Israelis into one of the world’s toughest armed forces.
So it should come as no surprise to us Westerners that since the ’50s, some of the most unique, outside the box gun designs originated in the Promised Land.
1. The GALIL
The IWI Galil rifle. (Photo: IWI)
While the U.S. military depends on the M16 and many other countries turn to an AK variant, for the bulk of the 20th Century, Israelis turned to the Galil assault rifle. Tracing its espionage induced design origins to the AK and the Finnish Valmet, the standard


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