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By Tom Knighton

It’s not like California is likely to lose its crown as the most anti-gun state in the nation, though some states seem determined to bump it from its perch.

While it’s not much of a competition, necessarily, one could be forgiven for seeing it as such as well as believing that California is desperate to maintain the title by looking to pass still more insanity. In all, eight anti-gun bills are advancing in the state legislature, which sure looks like its worried someone may out anti-gun them or something.

Some highlights (read: lowlights) are:

AB 2103 adds more red tape to those applying for concealed carry permits in the state, making a firearms safety course of at least eight hours mandatory before they could be issued a license. Some jurisdictions have higher requirements than what is being proposed, but gun control advocates who support the measure say a statewide mandate for more training is needed. Gun rights advocates say the move is uncalled for and duplicative.

AB 2888 would expand who can file for one of California’s Gun Violence Restraining Orders, adding coworkers, employers, and school employees to the list that currently …Read the Rest

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