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By Tom Knighton

If you’re a pro-gun politician, you get to live with having an oppositional press. While the firearm-related media may like you well enough, the mainstream media is going to be against you every step of the way.

Worse, though, they’ll try and single you out, demand you capitulate with their worldview, and then pretend that you’re unreasonable if you refuse to budge. Never mind them not budging is supposedly a matter of principle, of course. If you refuse, you’re stubborn and divisive.

A prime example is the Capital Gazette and its editorial on the recent bump stock ban. In it, it singles out one state official who fought to grandfather in bump stocks already owned in Maryland. To him, it wants to make demands.

Tuesday, President Donald Trump banned bump stocks, an obscure aftermarket attachment for semi-automatic weapons that makes them fire like machine guns.

They’re used by gun enthusiasts who enjoy shooting rapid fire, and were made infamous for their use in the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

Now one particular bump stock owner needs to step forward and lead the way in ridding our community of these threats to public safety — Seth Howard.

He introduced an amendment that …Read the Rest

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