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By Beth Baumann

Firearms instructor Tatiana Whitlock places her finger on the slide of her pistol while demonstrating a compressed ready position (photo: Wide Open Spaces)

It’s not surprising. The leftist, gun control-loving mainstream media will do everything in their power to disarm the average Joe. The Richmond Times-Dispatch, a newspaper based out of Richmond, Virginia, recently wrote an editorial mocking this pocket of the press.

As big supporters of the Second Amendment, we have long opposed any suggestion that a license should be required to own a gun.

On reflection, maybe licensing is a good idea — at least for journalists. Or at least for journalists at The Washington Post.

David Fahrenthold is an outstanding reporter who should get a Pulitzer for his coverage of Donald Trump. But he should stay away from firearms.

The editorial goes on to call out different scenarios where the media attempts to look like firearms and Second Amendment experts, when in reality, they know absolutely nothing about either one.

Fahrenthold himself compared pulling the trigger of a confetti-loaded gun to that of an actual firearm. Another Washington Post reporter wrote about how silencers are unnecessary, but uses a .22LR – one of the least powerful rounds – and their lack of sound as her reasoning, as if to say more powerful rounds would be just as silent.

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