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By Jenn Jacques

No Weapons

Sometimes we wonder if we’re getting through to younger generations when it comes to common sense.

This week, The Learning Channel has been sharing each of the ten essay winners of their Fourth Annual Editorial Contest and man, did today’s posted winner show that there’s hope for them yet!

15-year-old Daina Kalnina’s winning essay, ‘Stopping Bullets With Locked Doors and Silence Is Already Pulling the Trigger’, knocks out the active school shooter protocol “run, hide, fight”. Kalnina not only shared what it’s like to be a student in today’s schools but gave insight into why she feels students should, and could, do more to stop an active threat.

It has become very familiar for high-school students to practice the infamous level-three lockdown. In all cases, we all share the semi-nervous chuckle of “wow, maybe we get Swiss-cheesed today” and sit in a corner, stare at our phones and text our friends. Only very recently, after a vivid dream — moreover a nightmare — of a school shooting, did I realize that sitting in the dark and stopping bullets with locked doors and silence is the exact opposite of what one would want to do. It wasn’t until I stumbled …Read the Rest

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