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By Jacki Billings

The FX1 series will ship in two colors — Industrial, bottom, and Dirty Olive Gen 4, top. (Photo: Ed Brown Products)
Ed Brown Products unveiled a brand new 1911 series chambered in 9mm known as the FX1.
The FX1, fully machined and hand built in the U.S., boasts a 4.25-inch Commander barrel on a single, stack Government frame with integral light rail. The gun supplies a ledge style, .156-inch U-notch rear sight paired with a red fiber optic front sight.
The 1911 drops some stylish flare with American flag serrations on the right side of the slide, topping off the stainless steel slide with square cut cocking serrations on the left. The sleek styling continues with the new FX1 Snakeskin frontstrap treatment coupled with VZ Alien grips. The FX1 series is all about custom flare though, according to Ed Brown Products, who offers over 100 custom options for the pistol. Some of these include: FX1 slide cuts, slide ports, recessed slide stop with serrated pin, one-piece magwell and flush barrel with recessed crown.
The pistol is a 9mm style 1911. (Photo: Ed Brown Products)
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