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By Ammoland

Echelon Materials Titek Fabric

Fabric Uses Cutting-edge Defeat Mechanism to Turn High-Powered Rifle Rounds into Shrapnel.

Stamford, CT – -( Echelon Materials today announced the launch of their Indiegogo campaign to fund the production of their proprietary loom required to produce TiTek, the world’s first and only patented, lightweight, flexible fabric designed to shred high-powered conical/rifle rounds and be comfortably worn or carried all day.

With today’s increasing threats of high-powered rifles, and with heavy, rigid and uncomfortable armor as the norm, TiTek is finally the protection those in Law Enforcement deserve. The Indiegogo campaign has a funding goal of $825,000.00 USD which will go towards the manufacturing of the only loom able to mass produce the TiTek fabric for the marketplace. Supporters of the campaign will be able to claim a vest, shield and/or backpack infused with TiTek fabric as a reward.

TiTek’s defeat mechanism is cutting-edge – it’s a patented fabric that weaves tiny, sharp-edged titanium discs into the plane of the fabric using the very kevlar threads that comprise the fabric. These discs present their sharp edges to the incoming round and cut it to shreds as it passes. Once shredded by the TiTek fabric, debris from …Read the Rest

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