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By Beth Baumann


The Wilmington, Delaware city council is considering an interesting ordinance proposal. They are considering the implementation of the As if passing another law suddenly make a criminal a law abiding citizen., which would require Wilmington residents who were found guilty of a firearms-related crime to register with the city’s police department within two days of being released from jail. Those residents would also be required to check in with law enforcement officials every six months or face a $1,000 fine and/or jail time. Residents who fell under the law would also be required to update their address with law enforcement every time they move for a three-year period. If they were found guilty of another firearms-related crime, the three-year period would restart.

“We keep saying over and over and over that it’s a small percentage of the population that is wreaking the most havoc and my idea was to target that population,” Councilman Bob Williams, who introduced the legislation last week, told Delaware Online.

The idea for the registry stems from the sex offender registry. According to Williams, a 20-year veteran of the Wilmington Police Department, the goal is behavior modification. An offender is less likely to commit a crime …Read the Rest

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