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By Nate Parker

“Armed Response: Secrets of the Snubby” with Claude Werner is available now on DVD for 19.95. (Photo: Nate Parker)
When it comes to revolvers, and especially snubnose revolvers, one of the instructors at the top of that game is Claude Werner. Claude’s background is pretty much impeccable. He served in the military including time in the Special Forces, afterwards spent some time in the private sector real estate business, and ended up as the chief instructor at the Rogers Shooting School. Werner realized there was a gap in the training industry, and set out on his own to become the pocket gun guy. Specifically he became known for his snubnose revolver work, using a snubnose revolver to compete in sanctioned IDPA matches, and doing quite well with it.  Unfortunately for us, Werner has stopped teaching his snubnose classes on a regular basis. Fortunately for us, he has a couple DVDs out, and that is where the Armed Response: Secrets of the Snubby DVD comes in.
The DVD is on a single disc and features Werner as the primary presenter; the run time is just a hair over an hour and Werner covers most of that time. For a DVD on how to


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