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By Brandon Curtis

Browsing the /CCW subreddit is always interesting and filled with like-minded folks just like ourselves. I came upon a story that stood out not only for the fact that the man drew his firearm, but because the ending is something that we just recently covered in an article; Should you contact police after drawing your firearm in a defensive situation?

Here’s his story:

It was about 10:45PM, I had just left the gym and was waiting in the drive thru of a restaurant we’ll call baco tell. There was one car ahead of me at the window, about 6 people crammed in it as much as I could tell, and their food was taking forever. My window was all the way down from ordering, and I could hear footsteps approaching from behind in the gravel.

Looked in my side mirror and saw one young adult male kind of half-running (and I thought maybe skipping?) Between the bed of my truck and the building. He was yelling “I DONT EVEN KNOW YOU, STOP DUDE” over and over. He passed my window and at that point I saw another male around the same age chasing behind him with a …Read the Rest

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