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By Andrew Shepperson

Tuhon Ray Dionaldo, founder of Filipino Combat Systems.
Gun parts and knife maker DoubleStar Corp has announced it will be collaborating with Filipino martial arts instructor Tuhon Ray Dionaldo for a new series of blades.
The company’s new Edged Weapon Division will work with Dionaldo, founder of the martial arts organization Filipino Combat Systems, to develop from his designs a series of affordable production knives, according to a press release.
“I’ve always been passionate about knives and the Filipino martial arts. Working with DoubleStar and being able to share this passion with others through my knife designs is an amazing opportunity,” Dionaldo said.
The martial arts phenom began making Filipino-style training blades while still in high school, and would later pay for his college tuition by making live bolos and training knives.
With over 40 years of experience training with blades, Dionaldo now travels the world teaching Filipino martial arts seminars that focus on edged weapons. Along with being an edged weapon instructor, he is also an international blade dealer and designer, endorsed by Filipino martial arts legend Grand Master Remy Presas.
The MOTAC blade designed by Dionaldo will be the first to be featured by DoubleStar and was designed with speed and penetration in mind from the straight clip point


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