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By Bob Owens


A long time ago, the Brady Campaign used to be an influential gun control group. Today it is on the decline and barely noticed behind Michael Bloomberg’s various groups, but every once in a while the media throws them a sympathy story.

Today’s “news” from Brady is that they’re really, really upset that New York Senator Chuck Schumer isn’t pouring his political capital into a doomed cause.

A leading gun control group is blasting Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) for a lack of movement on the issue.

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence on Monday called out the third-highest ranking Senate Democrat for a lack of action on gun reform.

Schumer, who is seen as one of the strongest supporters of gun control in the Senate, has yet to fulfill his promise of holding a vote on background check legislation this year, Brady charged.

“He made a promise to a room full of advocates, leaders, and gun violence victims last fall in New York to bring an expanded background check bill to the floor this year,” said Brady spokesman Brendan Kelly. “With the first quarter down, he hasn’t done it.”

It’s probably going to come as a great disappointment to Mr. Brendan Kelly …Read the Rest

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