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By Brandon Curtis

Over the years, we have discussed the topic of concealed carry insurance. Some are for it, while others feel that it’s throwing money out the window. I, myself, have insurance for such an instance. I’ve covered enough stories to realize that, even with the best self-defense story, you can still face charges of murder or manslaughter.

If that does ever happen, there are a lot of things that are going to happen quickly, and then you may be dealing with them for years. Bills will start to pile up, and no one wants to have that hanging over their head while trying to prove their innocence.

Recently, CCW Safe shared Part 1 of a story that happened to one of their members. This member was attacked repeatedly, and he fired his handgun in self-defense. As a result, he was charged with murder.

Read the story below, and watch Stephen Maddox share his experience in the video below.

Just over a year ago, CCW Safe provided the defense of member Stephen Maddox in the industry first, full trial of a self defense Murder I case. Stephen was found not guilty, and was able to walk out of the front doors of …Read the Rest

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