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Predictably, the recent massacre has also reignited the tired old calls to increase regulations on law-abiding gun owners. However, I contend that tighter gun control would not have prevented the evil in the shooter’s soul nor his murderous intentions. Further, as the nation has noticed in other similar tragedies, sometimes the issue has more to do with mental instability, which is something that can be identified and treated. I wish that had been the case in Charleston, but to claim that gun use and ownership should be further limited is a hasty judgment call to make and punishes countless law-abiding citizens in the process. Most Americans understand that guns are tools that must be used responsibly and for self-protection of our own loved ones. Even more importantly, the language of the Second Amendment is clear and unambiguous, “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” …read more

Source:: NRA-ILA

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