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2010 Election Results


2016 Presidential Election Polling

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2010 Election Results

So the Times and other polling groups tend to use the biases they think are true. Or so they say. In reality, many of us think they biased the polls to show phony momentum for their candidates so to gin up support.

The turn-out for mid-terms is different than a general election, but many pollsters are assuming a massive democrat turn out and a complacent turn out for Republicans. This is here the “Blue Wave” came from, pollsters making assumptions about how THEY felt people would act.

So Trump goes on an ongoing rally tour to swing states where turnout is key. If people respond to him then pollsters need to change their assumption.
The map to the right shows results from the 2010 elections. Pollsters told us that Democrats would hold the house, the dark red are GOP wins, and the liberals got slaughtered. The GOP gained 63 seats.

Many polls are lies, intended to convince you to stay home. Don’t let them win, don’t let the legacy media select your member of Congress. Get out and vote.

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