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By Ben Brown

Long range or precision rifle shooting is a firearms discipline that I absolutely love. It requires very different equipment (and some skills) compared to some of the other genres of shooting. The quality and characteristics of equipment can be a limitation when trying to make “precision shots.” When putting together my rifle, I focused on a few key components to give me the best chance for success. These components are your barreled action, stock/chassis, and optic.
Barrel and Action
The heart and soul of the rifle is the barreled action. I chose a Remington 700 SPS short action in .308. The Remington 700 barrel and action are adequate. Right out of the box this gun is capable of shooting a group just under an inch at 100 yards.
Comfort and stability make precision shots much easier to achieve. (Photo: Noah Alkinburgh/
Remington unfortunately over the last decade has seen a decrease in the quality of their firearms, but the 700 series is still one of the most popular barrels and actions off which to base a precision rifle. I knew there would be plenty of aftermarket upgrades for this rifle to increase performance. There is no shortage of aftermarket barrels to choose from


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