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By Dean Weingarten reports that Donald Trump has called for Americans to bear arms to increase security in the United States. His statement reads as follows . . .

Carrying a weapon is not always feasible or appropriate. However, given the increased tensions that are the result of continued, escalating terrorism around the world, more legitimately armed individuals on the streets is a positive outcome. Each permit holder must make the decision to carry or not carry. I will carry more often than I have in the past, and I am sure other concealed permit holders will do the same. Do we have an obligation to carry? The answer is “yes,” but we must do it in such a way as to raise serious doubts in the minds of those who might be considering violence in America. Deterring violence is far better than dealing with the aftermath of an act of terror. Less blood, more security. That is what will make America great again.

Donald Trump shows that he understands reality better than most politicians. This continues his breakthrough strategy of ignoring the censorship imposed by the media cartel in the name of political correctness. The concept of the citizenry being …Read the Rest

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