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Royal Canadian Mounted Police


“Domestically-Sourced” RCMP Firearm Almost Costs 16-Year-Old Girl Her Life

Canada – -( Hundreds of firearms are stolen from police every year and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police ( RCMP ) no longer tracks them. While civilians routinely face charges for improper storage, police officers don’t.

Canadian police love to blame criminal shootings on “domestically-sourced” firearms. What they don’t tell us is many of those “domestically-sourced” guns are coming from police cruisers.

Worse, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police don’t even keep track of how many guns are stolen from police.

August 8, 2018, Saskatoon, SK. A man broke into a parked RCMP cruiser and stole a police-issued handgun and ammunition.

May 7, 2018, Calgary, AB. A thief broke into a Calgary Police Service recruit’s truck and stole her gear bag, including a locked case containing her training pistol and three (prohibited) 15-round magazines.

April 26, 2018, Kenora, ON. A man stole a rifle, an AR-15, from a marked Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) cruiser.

April 4, 2015, Calgary, AB. A thief broke into a Calgary police constable’s personal vehicle and stole his Colt C8 semi-automatic patrol carbine (a politically correct name for an AR-15) and two spare (prohibited) magazines.

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