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By John Falkenberg

Detroit, MI — A repo man was forced to shoot at a pit bull that was sicced on him by its owner over the repossession of a Cadillac Escalade, if the man is to be believed.

As WJBK reports:

Kevin Jones owns Gucci, the dog who was shot. He also drives a white Cadillac Escalade that the repo man had shown up to repossess. According to that repo man, Jones unleashed his dog on him.

“Big ass dog – 90 pound Staffordshire pitbull – tore after me,” he said. He did not give… his name and he also wore a bandana over his face during the interview as he sat in his truck.

Jones said that the repo man is to blame. “I came outside and opened my door and he started firing on me and my dog, on private property. This man started discharging shots at me and my dog,” he said from the back of a Detroit Police car.

After shooting the dog, he said the driver took off – in a hurry. He left behind tire marks on the lawn and in the street and the ramp was still down on the truck when he drove off. “He …Read the Rest

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