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If you’re planning on exercising your Second Amendment right while casting a vote this year you better make sure you know your state’s laws regarding firearms at polling places. Although there is no federal law regulating firearms at polling places, there are a number of states that prohibit carrying a firearm where voting occurs. Some states prohibit you from packing in buildings used as polling places, some prohibit it on the entire property, some prohibit it within 25 feet of the property, while others prohibit it within 150 feet of the property.

Prohibitions against carrying firearms at polling places are not new. In fact, one of the earliest recorded firearm law cases relates to this specific subject. In 1889 Texas had a law (Pen. Code Art. 163) which prohibited firearms from being carried “within one-half mile of a polling or voting place on election day during the hours the polls are open”. A man by the name of Jim Barkley had just finished voting and “became involved in a difficulty near the polling place and was followed, and apparently attacked, by a crowd of persons, some of whom were armed with sticks or bludgeons.” Jim Barkley’s brother, who happened to be …Read the Rest

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