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By Beth Baumann


Now that President Donald Trump has taken office, Second Amendment supporters have rejoiced. The threat of a Hillary Clinton presidency is gone…for now.

Over the last four years, gun owners were stocking up on firearms and ammunition, in preparation for the launch of an all-out gun control agenda. With Trump in office, the gun industry has slowed down. Americans aren’t as fearful that their Second Amendment rights are under attack.

According to Robert Spitzer, a political science professor at the State University of New York and the author of the book Guns Across America, the gun industry frequently sees “political spikes” – waves of sales due to proposed legislation and political agendas. Spitzer anticipates the end to the political spike in gun sales that were frequently seen over the last four years.

Because of Trump’s election, “there is no political incentive to buy guns, and, as a consequence, we’ve seen a drop in gun sales,” he said, projecting that “gun sales will be flat” going forward, as the manufacturers and retailers are now “a victim of their success.”

Gun owners aren’t buying guns as excessively as before, because there is a general feeling of safety under a Trump presidency. The threat of …Read the Rest

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