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By Bob Owens


Folks, meet “Lucien Black.”

According to his Facebook bio, this Fayetteville State University Sociology student has quite the tactical background.


“Lucien” runs a company out of Fayetteville called “VODA Consulting,” which has recently come to the attention of many in the firearms training community for what we’ll charitably describe as “a unique training atmosphere.”

You can see some of that “unique training atmosphere” in the following video annotated by the fine folks at Practically Tactical, who consider VODA Consulting’s training as going “full potato.”

Yes, in one video less than five minutes long, VODA consulting’s trainer and students point guns at one another no less than a dozen times, typically with their fingers on the trigger of their guns. They have other videos, but I’m not about to watch them, as I don’t think it’s good for my health to be constantly cringing.

Many have attempted to find out what credentials “Lucien” has, but he’s not talking.

I wonder why that is.

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