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By Tom Knighton

While the anti-gunners hate to hear it, the idea of allowing teachers to carry firearms may be the most effective way to stop or even prevent mass shootings at our schools. Armed teachers would be able to meet any threat quickly and efficiently, possibly saving countless lives.

Anti-gunners, however, often make bizarre claims regarding armed teachers, including acting like we’re talking about requiring teachers to carry, that we think the schools should pay for the guns, and so on. It’s more indicative of their collectivist nature than anything we on the pro-gun side has ever actually said.

As the debate rages on in statehouses throughout the country, it seems possible that in Pennsylvania, such debate is unnecessary.

The state law banning weapons in school makes an exception for people who have a lawful purpose to carry a gun or other weapon.

Some legal experts said this court decision opens the door for teachers and others to have guns in school.

Andrew Goslin was convicted of violating Pennsylvania’s school weapons law after he took a knife to his son’s Lancaster County school for a parent teacher conference.

But Superior Court threw out his conviction, saying the law allows those with a lawful purpose to have …Read the Rest

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