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By Daniel Terrill

Stock image of an NRA Carry Guard training course in which everyone has a Glock, Sig or the equivalent. (Photo: NRA Carry Guard)
Technically, the answer is “yes.” The training aspect for NRA Carry Guard — insurance for gun owners concerned that they will be arrested if they use their gun in self-defense — will not teach for 1911 pistols or revolvers. That decision limits training courses to more modern duty weapons like semi-automatic polymer frame handguns — specifically “Glock 19/17, Sig P226/P228 or equivalent.”
But technically there’s a “no” answer as well. The course listing explicitly says the above statement, but also advises that students attending the course bring a “secondary firearm” such as their everyday carry gun.
To understand the brouhaha, called the program’s help line listed in the “contact us” section of its website. A Carry Guard representative explained that the course — Level 1 — is a beginner’s course and to simplify instruction, they’re asking attendants bring firearms that have similar features and performance.
The representative also said later training courses, like Level 2 or 3, will likely allow 1911s and/or revolvers, but nothing is set in stone yet and those courses are still being developed. According to the


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