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By Brandon Curtis

How intrusive is concealed carry for you, if at all? I had a brief discussion with someone while at SHOT Show, and the topic was this; Do we avoid anything in our lives because we carry a firearm?

I said yes, absolutely.

Things I avoid:

  • Post Office
  • Drinking at bars
  • Public bathrooms

That’s… it.

It’s rare that I need to go to the post office but when I do, I leave my firearm behind. Fun fact; my Post Office has metal detectors. While they’re not overly sensitive, they’d surly be able to pick up a concealed pistol.

Drinking at bars isn’t a big deal to me. I rarely drink and if I do go to a bar, I don’t actually sit at the bar. In Florida, carrying inside a bar is a legal no-no (subject to interpretation), but I’m rarely there. It’s not really on my radar.

If I can hold it, I’m waiting until I get home verses using a public bathroom for number two. That’s not even a concealed carry thing. That’s just a life thing.

The person that I was having this conversation with, however, had a whole other list of things.

Those were:

  • The gym
  • The bank
  • Biking/running
  • Visiting a 4-year-old nephew
  • The beach
  • Visiting family who does not appreciate firearms

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