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By Bob Owens

Based upon the harsh words of prosecutor Joe Deters this morning in announcing that University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing was going to be charged with murder in the shooting death of Ray Dubose, I expected to see a slam-dunk video that clearly showed a cold-blooded execution.

Frankly, I don’t think that what we see in the video supports that claim, so I’m very interested to see what other evidence the Hamilton County prosecutor has that supports the murder charge, when voluntary manslaughter would appear to be the more reasonable charge under Ohio law.

Up until approximately :51 we’re dealing with a seemingly routine traffic stop, where the man in the car, Samuel Debose, isn’t remotely combative. Officer Tensing then tells him twice to step out of the car, appears to reach into the car, and then everything becomes a blur.

Dubose appears to leaning away from the officer, but I can’t tell for sure. I cannot see any actions that I’d interpret as offensive in nature, and Tensing doesn’t appear to be making the claim that there was a “furtive movement,” in any event.

Tensing produces his gun and fires, and then …read more

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