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By Tom Knighton

Dr. Dean Winslow might have been a slam dunk for the role he was nominated for at the Department of Defense. As a former Air Force flight surgeon, the role of assistant secretary of defense for health affairs would have been right in his wheelhouse.

Unfortunately, he also said that he thought it was “insane” that regular citizens could buy an AR-15 following the Sutherland Springs tragedy.

While his role at the Department of Defense would have had no impact on the nation’s gun policy, now it won’t matter as Winslow has removed himself from consideration.

A Defense Department nominee whose confirmation was put on hold over comments he made about gun control announced in a op-ed on Wednesday that he has withdrawn from consideration for the post.

Dean Winslow, a retired Air Force colonel and flight surgeon who was being considered as an assistant secretary of defense for health affairs, said in a piece on the Washington Post websitethat the growing political fight over his confirmation remarks have made him too much of a distraction to effectively help the department.

“I have the credentials to help, including 35 years of experience in the Air …Read the Rest

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