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By Jennifer Cruz

Members of the Oakland County Public Services Committee and others in the medical community come together to discuss solutions to gun violence. (Photo: Mark Cavitt/The Oakland Press)
Members of the medical community in Oakland County, Michigan, came together last week to discuss ways to reduce gun violence, and while everyone could agree that solutions need to be found, not all of those in attendance could agree on the best strategy.
“We have to look at new strategies in combating gun violence,” said Oakland County Public Services Committee Chair Bill Dwyer, who noted that some prior solutions are not working. “I think everything has to start in the home on the part of the parents. Accidental shootings occur because of unsecured firearms. It’s frustrating because lives are being lost.”
The Aug. 1 meeting was the sixth time the Oakland County Public Services Committee came together in an effort to combat gun violence at a local level, according to a press release from the committee.
A number of physicians, nurses, social workers, and others who deal with the immediate effects of gun violence on a daily basis attended the meeting to discuss solutions. Some committee members focused on education, intervention, and safety, while others focused on


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