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By Dan Zimmerman


If you followed a previous article where we highlighted the plight of Brian Fletcher, there’s a big question looming as to whether or not you have a duty to inform law enforcement (or anyone) as to whether or not you are carrying without first being asked. Here we take a state-by-state look at each state’s gun laws to find out who you have a duty to inform and when . . .


This only applies to a person with the state’s designated version of a license or permit to carry a concealed firearm (or weapon, as the term applies) or granted reciprocitytherein to do so.

  • We are not covering open carry.
  • We are not covering what happens if you are in violation of a crime.
  • We are covering if you are legally obliged to inform law enforcement as to your legal concealment of a firearm without first being asked.
  • If you are in a state where firearms registration is required as a condition to receive a permit, or are required to have a permit to acquire, or any of the other convoluted mechanisms …read moreSource:: Truth About Guns

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