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By Bob Owens

A federal government agency with a very limited law enforcement role is raising some eyebrows with a request to purchase 52,000 rounds of ammunition:

The federal agency overseeing water and power is in the market for 52,000 rounds of ammunition for its officers at Hoover Dam and the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, raising questions about weapons for nonmilitary purposes.

The Bureau of Reclamation put out a bid in June for 41,600 rounds of hollow-point ammunition and 10,400 rounds of shotgun ammunition.

The ammo is paid for by revenue from utility companies that buy electricity from Hoover Dam, but the bureau won’t say how it will be used or offer details on its law enforcement plan at the popular tourist destinations. A 2008 review of federal law enforcement indicated 21 officers patrolled Hoover Dam, the Las Vegas Sun reported.

52,000 rounds might sound like a lot to those who don’t shoot firearms at all, but that breaks down to a little less than two cases of hollowpoint ammunition per each of the 21 officers, and less than 500 rounds per officer of shotgun ammunition.

A key detail missing from the story are whether or not the Bureau of Reclamation should even have an …read more

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