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By Duncan Johnson

Michigan DNR
Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Michigan-( Michigan Department of Natural Resources invites those interested in the management of Michigan’s white-tailed deer population to review and provide input on its draft updated Deer Management Plan.

The plan was created in 2010 through a process that involved substantial stakeholder input and incorporated the best scientific information possible. A similar process was undertaken in 2015 to update the plan, ensuring that it remains current and reflects the current status of the deer program in Michigan.

“The updated plan will continue to provide strategic guidance to DNR staff for the management of white-tailed deer in Michigan,” said Chad Stewart, DNR deer, elk and moose program specialist.

The plan supports the mission of the deer program by maintaining a healthy white-tailed deer population, using sound scientific management, maximizing recreational opportunities while minimizing negative effects on ecosystems and other wildlife species and without creating undue hardship to private interests.

The draft plan focuses on goals and objectives that are desirable, with defined actions outlined to achieve these goals and objectives. With this structure, the DNR has the ability to adopt an adaptive approach to deer management, accounting for differences between regions and incorporating changes in management techniques or …Read the Rest

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