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By Laura Burgess

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Manatee County Sheriff’s Office submitted DNA from a 2016 double homicide case to DNA Labs International, a private forensic laboratory, who were able to identify one of the suspects.

Dwayne Cummings. Photo courtesy of Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.
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Deerfield Beach, FL ( – A 2016 double homicide case in Manatee County is one step closer to finding justice. On Jan. 19, 2016, Karl Tuxford and Jordan Finlon were killed as revenge for a robbery they allegedly committed. Tuxford was found shot dead in his Jeep while Finlon was discovered off of a road with more than 40 stab wounds.

The Manatee County Sheriff’s Office submitted evidence taken from a vehicle involved in the case to DNA Labs International, a private forensic laboratory in Broward County, Florida, to process the DNA. By using STRmix™, DNA Labs International was able to determine that Dwayne Cummings and three unknown persons had contributed to the mixed DNA profile. Not only did the use of STRmix help to identify a perpetrator in the case, but it has also validated that STRmix is adequately robust enough for implementation in forensic laboratories and cases.

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