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By Ammoland

ZRODELTA DLOC-SS Aimtech Warhammer Bipod

by Jonathan Owen of

Texas, USA – -( When it comes to bipods, we still love the Harris designs for their universal appeal, but the improvements to those designs by ZRODELTA can really pay off. Here we’ll focus on their DLOC-SS Aimtech Warhammer Bipod.

Thanks to my discovery of the DLOC mount system when was still in its infancy, I’ve enjoyed watching the design grow and transition. Putting DLOC on a bipod proved a great idea.

ZRODELTA DLOC-SS Aimtech Warhammer Bipod

I imagine that like many of you, my first bipod was a Harris model. Harris might lack some of the extra cosmetic additions of more recent “tacticool” models, but they remain widely popular to this day. I first used mine on an inherited base model Remington 700 .30-06. That gun became the basis for the “Grandpa’s Gun Reborn” series we did, converting it to a sweet 300 WinMag you see featured here. Modifying my Harris was required to attach it to the pic rail on the new chassis. That’s when I discovered what become known as the DLOC-S.

The DLOC-S kit simply swaps with a few parts on the …Read the Rest

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