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By Dan Zimmerman

By Brandon via

Instagram user Baret Fawbush posted the above (and below) video a few days ago that shows his use of fireworks … being shot directly at him … in order to elevate his stress levels while shooting. Some will say he’s nuts while others will praise the brilliance in this. I’m somewhere in between, since he is wearing eye and ear protection. There isn’t much to stop him from taking a firework right to the face, but it sure does seem to be doing what it’s intended to do: raise your stress level while trying to get rounds on target . . .

What do you think? Nuts or brilliant? Is this something you’d ever try?

PS: We don’t recommend anyone trying this.

Shot from behind. Notice the first 6 shots. 5 hits. 1 miss. Accuracy matters they say. Yes it does. Under stress and at that distance, can you do that while moving to cover? Lol I just found out that I can ???? #glock19 #trainhard #stress #ccw #trustandard #pewpew #police #merica #murica #military #wow #sickgunsallday #concealedcarry #shooting #gunsdaily #guns

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