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By Kyle Lynch

DIY Carbine

DIY Carbine

As rough as the past decade of gun-ban hysteria and leftist demagoguery has been for gun enthusiasts who simply want to enjoy their liberties and be left the hell alone, options for stealth carbines are better today than ever. As such, there’s never been a better time to build your DIY carbine.

DIY Rifle Painting lead finished


VIDEO: DIY Rifle Painting and the Right Way to Do it

With the proliferation of NFA-dodging accessories—including angled foregrips, pistol stabilizing braces, folding stock adapters and lengthened receiver extensions—the firearms industry has embraced the move to short barrels on many levels, including new guns, suppressors, bullet technology and complementary accessories. Still, determining the ideal configuration for a stealth carbine is fraught with many perils: gas port sizes; potential Instagram shame; ordering parts online; felonious mistakes in waiting; dubious online forum experts; issues with feeding, extraction and terminal ballistics; and many other problems that have emerged from the new world of short carbines and configurations without the decades of development more traditional M4- and M16-style <a target="_blank" …Read the Rest

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