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By Dean Weingarten

3d Printed Gun Gun img Keith Beaty Getty Images


3d Printed Gun Gun img Keith Beaty Getty Images

Arizona -( – Judge Robert S. Lasnik, United States District Judge of the Western District of Washington, at Seattle, issued a permanent injunction against the Trump Administration State Department.

The injunction is to prevent the State Department from implementing a court settlement with Defense Distributed, allowing them to exercise their First Amendment rights.

The permanent injunction was issued on the 27th of August, 2018, in Seattle, Washington State. The temporary restraining order had been issued on 31 July. Judge Lasnik has taken the power of deciding what may or may not be lawful, based on the principle of potential harm. Potential, or irreparable harm, is almost never used in First Amendment cases. It is a form of prior restraint.

It is a principle of law that in order to have standing for a lawsuit, the plaintiff must have suffered actual harm. Potential harm is not an allowed reason for action in most cases.

Judge Lasnik ignores this principle, and holds that in his opinion, allowing computer files to be published, in accordance with the First Amendment,

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