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By James England

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA — When two cab drivers got into a heated dispute about a fare, one cab driver pulled a knife. The other cab driver, armed with a concealed carry handgun, shot the other man in the head, neck, and stomach. Philadelphia police took the cab driver into custody and are investigating the scene.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer Daily News, the knife-wielding driver was taken to the hospital. If he survives, he’s not likely to return to his profession.

This is a clear example of ‘failure to de-escalate’. Granted, by the time another man pulls a knife, the situation transformed from that into self-defense. You can’t control another person’s emotions or their irrational response. You can control your own response.

The reason why I say ‘failure to de-escalate’ was because a moment existed whereby a man had a choice to continue or withdraw. The ultimate proof of my own unsubstantiated suspicion will be born out during the investigation conducted by Philadelphia police.

Do I feel a person has a right to defend himself when threatened with deadly force? Absolutely. A knife can be used as an instrument of deadly force — just like a gun or a baseball bat or a …Read the Rest

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