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By Ben Philippi

Jeff Zimba, gun expert at The Bigshooterist, photographed near Fairfield, Maine sporting his POF-USA P416 with an LMT 40mm Grenade Launcher. He stands in front of his heavily modified Suzuki Samurai. (Photo: Ben Philippi)
Jeff Zimba is an author and gun aficionado. He’s especially fond of firearms that finds themselves on the NFA list. He was instrumental in starting the magazine Small Arms Review, and currently reviews guns for his own Youtube channel The Bigshooterist.
The whole issue of guns is pretty simple to me. We have a Bill of Rights, not a Bill of Needs. The opposition doesn’t understand guns, so they develop a fear of these inanimate objects and hope they’ll just go away. Well, neither guns, nor gun owners are going anywhere, and it’s not really up for debate or discussion.
Uneducated opinions don’t matter in the big picture. Simple stuff.
Every law-abiding citizen has the most basic right to self-preservation and a firearm is the great equalizer. Most people who carry a firearm are painted as crazed lunatics ‘looking for a gun fight’, when the opposite is actually the truth. A well-trained person with a firearm is prepared to defend his life and that of his family in a situation he


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