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By Ben Philippi

Chris Cheng, History Channel’s Top Shot Season 4 Champion and NRA News commentator, photographed in San Francisco, California. He sports his Houlding Precision AR-15 style rifle with a Daniel Defense 18-inch barrel with AAC muzzle brake and Magpul goodies. The scope is a Leupold Mk 6 1-6×20 CMR-W. The pistol is a Tier 1 Glock 19 modified by Salient Arms International.
Chris Cheng quit a well-paying job at Google to compete in History Channel’s Top Shot Season 4. He won. Since then, he published a book called “Shoot to Win,” he’s been an NRA News commentator, a regular contributor to the NSSF and a vocal supporter of the Second Amendment as an openly gay American.
When my father first taught me how to shoot a gun at the age of six, I remember him teaching me a lot about safety and personal responsibility. Those simple life lessons have stayed with me through adulthood. When I read about some folks expressing shock that someone as young as six years old would be shooting a gun, I think about how their perspective is probably coming from a lack of knowledge and diversity in their lives. I was once that six year old kid shooting a


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