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By Jeremy S.


I wasn’t familiar with JEM Enterprises prior to bumping into them at SHOT, and there’s good reason for that. JEM sells primarily to 1911 “manufacturers,” who white label JEM’s parts as their own. Yeah, they’re fitting and putting the finishing touches on frames and other parts actually manufactured by companies like JEM . . .

JEM’s main business is selling forged frames. They’ll apply for an ATF variance to put their customer’s name and serial number sequences on the frames — assuming the customer is an FFL-07 — whether they need one unit or thousands. Slide rails are slightly oversized so the customer can fit them as precisely and as snugly as they desire. The rest of the frame is finished to a finer degree than most “blanks,” and requires little more than just surface prep for whatever treatment or finish will be applied.

They have plenty of options to choose from, but they’re also a custom house. JEM’s customers can specify all sorts of changes and modifications that JEM can incorporate into the product. Custom engraving, of course, is one of those options. One off-the-shelf offering is the “checkering” seen above, which is actually the …Read the Rest

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